In recent years, Barcelona has lived from scandal to scandal. When it seems that the fire of one goes out, another appears. 

The last one has been to pay 1.4 million euros to Enríquez Negreira to carry out technical reports when the former referee was vice president of the College of Referees. 

Barcelona has defended itself by arguing that all the big clubs have arbitration reports, but the fact that these reports were made by the company of a director of the College and the amounts paid have sown many doubts.

There were many scandalous cases. 

From José Luis Núñez bribing Treasury inspectors to favor their companies and ending with the former president in prison, going through the signing of Neymar for which the club and its leaders have gone through two judicial processes (one of they are still open), the espionage of the Barçagate case , the Liability Action of Laporta, Piqué’s business with the Arabian Super Cup or more recently the club’s disputes with LaLiga.

Two trials derived from the signing of Neymar

The signing of Neymar was a host of problems for Barcelona from day one. The first case that began with the complaint of a partner to the accounts of the Brazilian operation, ended with a sentence against Barcelona after the club’s lawyers agreed with the Tax Agency.

Barcelona had to pay 5.5 million according to said ruling, although it had previously paid other amounts of money to regulate the situation. 

The pact also included that Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu were released from the charges for which they were accused.

The signing of the Brazilian also opened another judicial procedure called Neymar 2 as a result of a complaint filed by the DIS company, which was the owner of the player’s rights. 

This company understood that Barcelona, Santos, the player and his family hatched a plot in order not to pay what was due to DIS through various parallel contracts. 

At the end of last year, the judge handed down a sentence that acquitted all the defendants . However, the sentence is not final since the Brazilian company announced that it will file an appeal.

Liability Action

When Sandro Rosell was proclaimed president, one of the first things he did was an internal investigation to analyze the management of Joan Laporta in his first term as president of the club. 

The new president reformed the accounts that Laporta had presented and went from a profit of 11 million to a loss of almost 80.

The partners voted in favor (Sandro Rosell voted blank) for a Liability Action against the previous Board. That meant that all managers would have to answer with their money for those losses. 

After years of process and enormous wear and tear on these managers, the whole process came to nothing as the Provincial Court dismissed the appeal that Barcelona had filed.

When Joan Laporta entered the club in his second term, he opened an internal investigation into Bartomeu’s management as club president. 

The results of this investigation were transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office so that it could open an investigation if he considered that the facts were punishable, something that he has not done so far. 

The president ruled out presenting a Responsibility Action to the Assembly of partners.


One of the most lurid episodes of Bartomeu’s tenure. 

According to information from Cadena Ser, Barcelona hired various companies to monitor and discredit various Barcelona personalities such as presidential candidates, players, journalists in the networks… Players like Messi or Piqué were some of those affected and also it was learned that the club paid journalists to favor the Board. 

This case is in the hands of the judge who is continuing with the investigation, various searches were made at the club headquarters, but so far no complaint has been made. 

This case was decisive for a motion of no confidence against Bartomeu, which he decided to resign.

The Spanish Federation and the Kosmos company, whose owner is Gerard Piqué, would have worked together so that the Spanish Super Cup was played in Arabia. 

For this, and according to various information, they would have charged a succulent commission . El Confidencial revealed the audios of the conversations between Piqué and Luis Rubiales: “Before you don’t have anything left, you have six kilos left.

And we squeezed Saudi Arabia and maybe we’ll take it out… (…) we’ll take one more stick or two more sticks…” can be heard in these audios. The footballer played this competition with Barcelona. The judge is investigating the facts.

Barça, LaLiga and ordinary justice

The differences between LaLiga and Barcelona are obvious. In recent weeks, moreover, they have moved to the courts. 

The Barça club has sued LaLiga for preventing it from expanding its salary mass by 15%, as can the 38 clubs that voted in favor of the entry of the CVC Capital Partners fund for the creation of LaLiga Impulso. 

In it, Barça denounces that it cannot compete on equal terms. The Barcelona club resorted to ordinary justice so that precautionary measures were taken and LaLiga had to register Gavi, as it happened. 

In the coming weeks, the club will file a lawsuit for a judge to agree with him, otherwise the precautionary measures will not be lifted. It is not the first time that he has resorted to ordinary justice. 

Previously, he also did so to request the precautionary measure in Lewandowski’s three-game ban and it was granted.


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