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The new year comes with positive resolutions to do better, try harder, offer more, and be better.  This year, GOtv is offering unmatched entertainment, fantastic programming, a breathtaking lineup of programs, and more diverse content for everyone. From sports to music, movies, telenovela, and kiddies’ content, whatever your entertainment needs are, GOtv’s got you.

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Starting this January, all GOtv subscribers who pay for a package a step above their current package will get boosted to the next higher package at no extra cost within 48 hours. This means that GOtv Jinja customers who upgrade to Jolli will automatically get stepped-up to Max and GOtv Jolli customers who upgrade to Max will enjoy the brand new GOtv Supa package at no additional cost If you thought 2021 with GOtv was lit, we promise that 2022 with GOtv will blow your expectations sky-high!

Speaking of expectations, here is what to expect with GOtv this week.

GO Super Eagles! Football fans get to enjoy live AFCON matches on GOtv and root for their favorite countries. Round 2 of the Group Stage of the Africa Cup of Nations 2021 begins with Cameroon taking on Ethiopia in a Group A clash in Yaounde on Thursday, January 13. Catch the live action on Select 2 (GOtv Channel 34) at 5:00pm.


Sistas S4 is back with all the drama and all the attitude. Step into the lives of these single black ladies coming together to navigate love, career, family, and the ups and downs of living in a modern world. Sistas Season 4 starts on January 13 at 9.00 pm on BET (Channel 21) on GOtv Supa.


When a man allows his importunate selfishness to make living with him a problem, things get out of hand. Can Tony repair the damage he has caused in the home? Find out in the movie Home Keeper showing on January 14 at 8.00 pm on ROK (Channel 7) on GOtv Supa.

Hey, kids! Saturdays are for saving the world. Suit up and join the Power Rangers as they defend the world from evil on January 15 at 7.30 am on GOtv Max and 8.10 am on GOtv Supa on Cartoon Network (Channel 67).

The action-comedy film, Fight Back to School, is showing on KIX (Channel 19). In this sequel, Chow Sing Sing quits SDU after being demoted but decides to go undercover at a school to investigate an imminent terrorist attack. Tune in on Saturday, January 15 at 6:00 pm

Celebrate and honor our servicemen and fallen heroes for their role in keeping the country safe. Watch the Tribute to Our Troops event in Abuja, live on Saturday, January 15 at 8:00 pm on Channel 29)

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They Called Me Names, Threw Invisible Stones – Miyetti Allah Brand Ambassador


In September, 2021, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore decorated Temitope Ajayi as its brand ambassador.

In this interview, she explained her roles and how she was treated badly by people for taking up the responsibility. Excerpt:

What informed your decision to take up the task of Miyetti Allah brand ambassador?

I was just obeying God’s commandment. That was the only thing that could make me leave my comfort zone in the Silicon Valley in the United States, to return to Nigeria. God specifically directed that I return home (Nigeria) for this task of bringing solution to the issue of farmers/herders crisis that have led to destruction of communities, farmlands and death of thousands of people. When there’s such instruction, who am I to reject it or question the voice or directive from God.

As brand ambassador, what are your responsibilities?

My major responsibility is image making, rebranding and making people realize that these Fulani people are peace loving, friendly and accomodating people. They have lived with us peacefully for decades, and suddenly, people are beginning to see them as enemies of the people. People now see them as enemies of the community and also reject them whole-heartedly irrespective of their huge contribution to the society and the economy.

Were your family members informed before you took the responsibility?

No! none of my family members were informed. I couldn’t even tell my children and other family members about this task because they would have discouraged me and insisted that I reject the offer. But I saw the task as a divine responsibility that I need to accomplish as quickly as possible. All I did was to asked God for His support and humility for service, and I was glad that it was granted. I heard God clearly instructed that I specifically go back to my root, Nigeria, to find a solution to this unending herders/farmers crisis that had consumed lives, and that was what I had done.

What was their reaction when they heard you took the responsibility?

They were so bitter, disappointed and called me a betrayer. Some of them thought I had collected money from these herdsmen to sold out our people, amidst the tension and suspicion between these herdsmen, farmers and local communities. They threw invisible stone at me and called me several unprintable names. But I am glad that they have begun to realize that they were wrong in their thoughts and judgments. Remember, I left my comfort zone in the United States to be here. My saving grace was that I already had and still have a perfect record of my achievements and personality over the years. If not, my life and reputation would have been rubbished and littered on social media. I have a name and reputation to protect, and that I will continue to do through hardwork and sincerity.

What do you think gave birth to this ‘endless’ herders/farmers crisis?

Poverty, injustice and deprivation are at the base of it. The fact is that a hungry man is an angry man. It’s also a known fact that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. The injustice, poverty and deprivation have been going on for several years ago and what we are seeing today is the effect of that. It’s part of the consequences of the prolonged neglect. These young adults are bitter and angry, and they are unleashing it on innocent people in the society. We need to do something fast to salvage the situation or it will consume us all in no distant time. But I strongly believe that this cattle/herders problem would be a blessing to Nigeria if well managed. Expectedly, it will trigger serious discussion that would herald the needed changes along the value chain. Many lives have been lost due to clashes between farmers and herders. These souls of the dead are calling for justice. I am a mother and I could feel the pain of these people, some of whom have been displaced, lost their parents and other sources of livelihood. I developed a blueprint that would end these crisis seven years ago. I developed it while I was a participant in 2014 Confab. When I was done with the document, the Almighty God told me clearly to go and present it to Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore for possible action.

I heard you were afraid to visit them because you could be kidnapped or harmed. Was that true?

My brother, It was true. I was deeply afraid. At this point, I was forced to ask God questions which he answered me clearly. But before I began the visit, I properly and carefully documented my movement and dropped it where my family members could see it in case I did not return or anything unexpected happened to me. The journey was a suicidal mission to me. But my confidence was that God who sent me would protect me. He was simply and clearly speaking to me and I was obeying. One day, after I had informed the relevant close people about my mission and gathered the needed confidence, I took off. I was so nervous and visibly afraid when I reached the headquarters of the group somewhere in Nasarawa State. I even asked that they take my pictures, share it alongside my location so that people would know where I last visited. To my greatest surprise, the first thing I saw when I arrived there was a public school beside the headquarters of the group. I was told that the school was built by the president of the association for the use of the community. I was wondering why the school children were not kidnapped by these people since they are literarily tagged kidnappers. While I was visibly shivering and displaying my fear, I didn’t know the president was watching me through the CCTV monitor in his office. He asked that I be brought into his office. In the cause of our interaction, I explained my mission to him and he bought into it. To my greatest surprise, he addressed me as ‘Mama’. That was when I knew that God was at work. He explained to me that they have serious challenges, but just that they don’t have good access to the media, and his people don’t have formal education that would enable them speak and fight for their right. He said lots of other things that pushed me to tears.

What progress has been made since you were crowned Miyetti Allah brand ambassador?

Lots of achievements have been made. This is two months that I was crowned Miyetti Allah brand ambassador, and since then, there has been divine interventions as being witnessed across Nigeria. God has visited this country in a mysterious way through me. Aside other efforts that are about to be materialized, I have begun a serious campaign for certain amount of money to be released for compensation and rehabilitation of those that lost farmlands, cattle and other valuable property in the cause of this years of crisis. That would go a long way in helping the people back to their feet. There should be data that would help the government achieve that. We intend to organize a national peace summit and launching of N200 billion intervention fund for building cattle ranches/farm settlements in some communities who have already made land available for such project. Establishment of cattle ranches has been widely accepted as alternative to open grazing and practical solution to Fulani herdsmen/farmers clashes even though it’s very expensive, capital intensive and above the means of poor/average Fulani pastoralist. The pastoralists need help and I have understanding of the National President, Alhaji Bello Bodejo, and his executive team that ranching is the ultimate solutions.

What is the content of the blueprint you developed and presented to the Miyetti Allah group and how realistic is the implementation?

For instance, I live in Silicon Valley, US, and in all the civilized country that I have been to, there’s always a co-existence between cattle and human being. What it means is that there are ranches for cattle and comfortable place of habitation for human beings. California, a state in US export more than $13 billion worth of cattle and other by-products annually. In California, a pint of fresh milk is more costly than a barrel of crude oil. There are some other by-products of the cattle that are used to generate electricity and other useful items. Brazil, Venezuela, Holland and several other countries grew their economy through cattle and other dairy products. These countries recognized that cattle business is a big business, and therefore dividend it into three areas, namely, animal husbandry, dairy, abbatoir and grazing. This is a new found ‘crude oil’ that everybody must partake in, so we could collectively grow our economy and create massive job opportunities. For instance, the South, West and East have fertile ground that can grow the grass for feeding these cattles. These grasses can even be processed, turned to pellet, packaged and send to cattle ranches in the North. We can even export these processed feeds to Arab countries where they don’t have such fertile ground to grow these grasses. Other opportunities can be created along the value chain.

Did the group accept the blueprint and other suggestions you presented to them?

Yes! that was the reason for my official crowning as the brand ambassador of Miyetti Allah which was done last two months. They saw the potentials in me and what I presented during the meeting, and they gave me that huge responsibility, not minding the fact that I am a Yoruba woman. I exposed Miyetti Allah President, Bello Bodejo and other officials to the gains therein if the blueprint and other suggestions are adequately implemented, and he accepted it wholeheartedly. I can tell you that I am the happiest woman in Nigeria today, because our suggestions are beginning to yield result. Within two weeks of my decoration as brand ambassador, the Senate approved the ranching we suggested. There was also a media report that the president has also earmarked over N600 billion for the take-off of ranching project and the disbursement has started, with states reportedly getting up to N9 billion each. We have appealed to the Transport Minister, Rotimi Amaechi, to procure a wagon train that would be useful in conveying cattle from one part of the country to the other. This will end the era of road movement of cattle which often result in hungry cattle feasting on farm produce, thus leading to crisis with farmers.

But many of these people don’t have the required capacity for ranching. How do you intend to change that?

We are working with the state governments to provide an empowerment platform for these people to get the needed skills and knowledge to be relevant in today’s world. On my side, I have concluded plans to take some of these herders to the US, Brazil and other countries to expose them to modern way of rearing cattle as well as several things that could be achieved along the value chain. When they return after the capacity building, they would be expected to train others with the superior knowledge and skills they might have acquired in the US and other locations visited. Plans are on the way for them to participate in the forthcoming 2022 Houston livestock conference and road show. We also planned to organize workshop for the Fulani nomads to change their mindset and reorientate them towards accepting the planned modernization and transformation programmes. There must be a change of attitude and behaviours to conform with the international best practices in cattle breeding. We shall work with various state governments. Some of my friends and Nigerians in the Diaspora have promised to support us in training the pastoralists.

Over Six Hundred Lagos Street Hawkers Benefits From Amina Ajayi (Mama Diaspora) Loan Scheme

Over Six Hundred Lagos Street Hawkers Benefits From Amina Ajayi (Mama Diaspora) Loan Scheme

Over six hundred youths in Lekki area of Lagos have been empowered with interest free loans by Chief Amina Temitope Ajayi (Mama Diaspora), as startup capital to engage in businesses of their choice after three weeks of intensive training.

The loans and trainings which were facilitated by SV-NED Inc /Silicon Valley Ibeju Lekki Cooperative Multi Purpose Society Limited in collaboration with Global Connection for Women Foundation, GC4W was aimed at equipping the youths to be self dependent as future business leaders.

The youths numbering about 600 so far were given amount ranging from N15000, N20000 and above as interest free loans.

Speaking during the presentation of the loans in Lekki – Lagos, the chairman of Silicon Valley Nigerian Economic Development, SV-NED, Chief Temitope Ajayi, (Mama Diaspora) stated that she would like to partner with the federal government, especially the Ministry of Humanitarian in the area of training, soft loans for small startups.

Over Six Hundred Lagos Street Hawkers Benefits From Amina Ajayi (Mama Diaspora) Loan Scheme

Chief Ajayi noted that the provision of interest free loans is imperative because the youths are business people who have been trained and know the value of money and what to invest on.

She explained that the the youths were given business academy training, which lasted for three weeks.

According to. her: “Some of these youths were at Lekki, they joined in the #End SARS Protest, because they live in my neighbourhood and you know that idle mind is devil workshop, because the devil can use any body to destroy things, so I have to engage them, train them and provide interest free loans to start their businesses.

Chief Ajayi appealed to President Muhammed Buhari to engage the mothers in findings solutions to the recent End SARS Protest.

President Buhari is trying his best by inviting everybody, former Presidents, traditional rulers on solution to the protest, except the mothers. The mothers are the only one that can help the President to solve this problems, let’s sit with them, we know how to talk with them. They should invite the mothers,” she said.

She explained further that: “Most of the youths here did not take the programme serious, while some of took it serious, we took them through the programme, they fill the forms, bring guarantors, make them open a bank account at Zenith Bank the Zenith Bank opened 600 Bank account with there ATM for our SV-NED Entrepreneurship Empowerment programs , because if you want to be a businessman, you have to have a bank account, if you don’t have a bank account, we will not give you this money and it has to be a Zenith Bank account.

“With N20,000, they will make turnovers, keep their profits and return the money and take more goods. The only thing am begging manufactures is to make us distributor so that we can get their goods at a very cheaper price,” she said.

Chief Ajayi is supported in the projects by her partners, Dr. Lilian Ajayi-Ore, founder/ CEO Global Connections for Women Foundation, GC4W, based in the United States. and Mr Barry Baruwa from United Kingdom.

Jackie B Evicted From BBNaija Reality Show

Jackie B Evicted From BBNaija Reality Show


Jackie B has been evicted from the  Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate reality show.

She was evicted on Sunday at the live eviction show by the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

Earlier, Jaypaul was evicted from the show leaving 12 housemates to battle for a grand prize worth N90m.

The season 6 edition of the show will end on October 3rd, 2021.

Jackie B Evicted From BBNaija Reality Show

Mama Diaspora, Amina Ajayi Gets Miyetti Allah Ambassadorial Appointment

Mama Diaspora, Amina Ajayi Gets Miyetti Allah Ambassadorial Appointment

Kautal Hore socio-cultural association Miyetti Allah has honored Mother Amina Ajayi (Mama Diaspora) as Brand Ambassador in Karu Local Government, Nasarawa State.

In her acceptance speech following her investiture as Miyetti Allah’s Brand Ambassador at the association’s National headquarters Mama Diaspora unveiled a robust plan to train Fulani pastoralists on modern ranching, modelled after the US.

Mama Diaspora, Amina Ajayi Gets Miyetti Allah Ambassadorial Appointment

She explained that the first set of trainers and teachers for the Miyetti Allah train-the-trainers’ Cattle Ranch Academy would be traveling to California, USA, in early 2022.

“The primary objective is to expose them to modern and sophisticated techniques in cattle husbandry, dairy abattoir and cattle field grazing.

“Our company Silicon Valley Nigeria Economic Development (SV-NED Inc) has concluded all arrangements with our partners in California, USA,”

“However, before the end of 2021, my office, under the supervision of the Miyetti Allah National President, will organise a local training programme in Nigeria to screen and recruit the first set of trainers and teachers going to Silicon Valley, California, for the overseas training”. She said.

Mama Diaspora also disclosed that the second element of her plan was to build one million low cost houses for the one million Fulani herdsmen attached to their farm settlement.

She said that her company had partnered with the Federal Mortgage Bank on the housing scheme, adding that the scheme would change the face of cattle breeding business and align it with international best practice.

Unity Bank donates building to Borno State SUBEB.

Unity Bank donates building to Borno State SUBEB.
UNITY BANK 1: A building donated by Unity Bank Plc to the Borno State Universal Basic Education Board, SUBEB.
Unity Bank donates building to Borno State SUBEB.
UNITY BANK 2: Borno State Governor, Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum inspecting the plaque during the official commissioning of the SUBEB building donated by Unity Bank.
Unity Bank donates building to Borno State SUBEB.
UNITY BANK 3: His Excellency, Governor of Borno State, Prof Babagana Umara Zulum flanked by (from L – R) Executive chairman, Borno SUBEB Dr Shettima Bukar Kullima, Zonal Head, North East and Jigawa, Mr Mustapha Mohammed, Zonal Head, Abuja and North Central, Mr Nuruddin Mohammed Bashir and Chief of Staff to Governor of Borno State, Prof Isa Marte Hussaini at the official commissioning of the Borno SUBEB Office Complex Donated by Unity Bank Plc.
Unity Bank donates building to Borno State SUBEB.
UNITY BANK 4: Governor Babagana Zulum commends Unity Bank before cutting the tape during the official commissioning of a building donated to Borno SUBEB by Unity Bank Plc.

Abubakar Suleiman-led Sterling Bank Plc enmeshed in a N1.7b fraud scandal


The Abubakar Suleiman-led Sterling Bank Plc is currently enmeshed in a N1.7 billion fraud scandal.

The fraud is said to have rattled the lender’s financial position and it has landed one of the bank’s staff and a businessman in court.

The case which is currently before an Ikeja High Court, Lagos, details how an official of the bank, Ifeanyichukwu Shallom Isituah and a businessman, Ighodaro Austin Osaretin allegedly stole the sum of N1,790,558,000. 00 belonging to a customer of the bank, Wells Procurement Limited with account number – 0016798848.

In the charge sheet seen by our correspondent, an operative of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Adamu Mohammed, told the court that the agency received a petition with reference No: SB/IAG/12/EFCC/011 duly signed by the Head IT and Head Intelligence and Investigation on behalf of Sterling Bank.

Mohammed, who works with the Team C Cybercrime department of the EFCC, while testifying on oath, said that the petitioner alleged that a customer’s bank account was profiled via internet banking and the sum of N1,790,558,0 00.00 was transferred to various individuals and companies.

While led in evidence by the prosecutor, N. M. Anana, the witness testified that preliminary investigation by the bank revealed that the second defendant’s profile, Isituah, a female, was used to initiate the account on internet banking and more than 24 accounts got the same amount of money.

“Investigation letters were sent to FCMB, Zenith, First Bank, Fidelity Bank and Access Bank. Responses were received from the banks and the statement of accounts were analysed. The analysis revealed that most of the company’s accounts the money was transferred to were BDC (Bureau de Change).

“Some of them reside in Abuja, Kaduna and there was one address that we suspected to live in Lagos, Ndifreke Roberts. But all efforts to trace the address of Kaduna, Lagos and Abuja suspects did not yield any information to help the commission get them.

“On March 10, 2020, the DSS handed over the two defendants to the commission under the instruction of the AGF (attorney-general of the Federation) for further investigation. The two defendants’ statements were voluntarily taken under caution.

“The first defendant revealed that he has a company called Universal Agriculture Empowerment Initiative as an NGO which received the sum of N60 million as part of the transfer from that Sterling Bank customer’s account. He further stated that the money was received from one Osaretin (second defendant) and transferred to his account as a donation.

“That he introduced one of his friends who is the owner of Villavon International School who also received N100m from the said fraud.

“He further stated that he called a BDC in the name of Damo who owns Damoo Ten Ventures. Damo was invited to the commission and he volunteered a statement that the first defendant contacted him and he transferred N60 million to various accounts and further instructed the owner of the International School to transfer N95 million.

“The dollar equivalent was received in cash by the first defendant. The first defendant further stated that the money was used at IDP camps around the country. I cannot remember the specific location but he mentioned a place in Borno and Adamawa, the witness said.

However, during cross examination by the defence lawyer, A. Okenile, the EFCC operative said that Sterling Bank gave the commission the information that the second defendant profiled the account for the alleged fraud.

When asked what links the second defendant to the alleged fraud, Mohammed said, “The offence was committed at Sterling Bank and it was reported. The offence took place during a public holiday and the bank realized it on December 28. The accounts of the customer we are talking about has never been profiled for internet banking. So we had to understand how it was transferred, which was through internet banking.

“The bank said the account doesn’t have internet banking access and it was a staff that did it and the second defendant’s profile was used to connect the account to internet banking. Without that profiling money cannot be transferred from that account.

“Even when the bank tried to contact her, she ran away. She was nowhere to be found. Not until the Department of State Services (DSS) traced, arrested her and handed her over to the commission”.

The matter was further adjourned till October 19 for continuation of trial.

Abubakar Suleiman-led Sterling Bank in N1.7 billion fraud scandal

A branch of Sterling Bank in Lagos, Nigeria

Recall, ireportnews reported how three staff of the bank were arrested recently by the Lagos zonal office of the EFCC over an alleged case of conspiracy, stealing, forgery and obtaining money by false pretence (OFP).

Kagha Emmanuel Uchenna, Okoro Chinasom Davidson and Egbogu Emmanuel Obiora, all employees of Sterling Bank, allegedly conspired and defrauded a customer of the bank to the tune of N51,978,883.37.

EFCC’s investigation exposed the trio after forging the signature and National Identification Management (NIM) number slip of the customer, activated his mobile banking application and fraudulently withdrew the money.

The suspects, who were arrested on July 7, at the Nsukka, Enugu branch of the bank, have since volunteered statements and have been charged to court by the anti-graft agency.

Ibidapo Martins, chief marketing officer of the bank did not respond to correctnews inquiries as at press time

Toast to Women In Leadership: Linda Ikeji Pays Courtesy Visit 2 Fidelity MD

Toast to Women In Leadership: Linda Ikeji Pays Courtesy Visit 2 Fidelity MD

Two beautiful amazons and consummate professionals in their respective fields of endeavor (banking and media) met in what many have described as a toast to women in leadership to not only explore business opportunities but also to lend their voice to the ongoing conversation about women empowerment.

Fidelity Bank CEO, Mrs. Onyeali-Ikpe accompanied by top female management staff on Tuesday in Lagos received the Chief Executive Officer, LIB TV, Linda Ikeji, who paid a courtesy visit to the bank. The purpose of the visit was also to strengthen the existing business relationship between Fidelity Bank and LIB TV.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to discuss the creation of a long-term platform that educates, supports, and empowers women to achieve career/business leadership. During the Courtesy call, Linda Ikeji expressed her confidence in management’s capacity to impact positively on the growth and development of women-owned businesses in Nigeria.

“Through strategic collaborations, we can set up a forum for young aspiring entrepreneurs to have a one-on-one interaction with successful career women in Fidelity Bank. This will provide them with the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences”, she said.

She also lauded management’s effort at organizing women empowerment programmes, explaining that more Nigerian women need such platforms for motivation whilst believing that there is no limit to what they can achieve.

Ikeji, who spoke on the importance of innovation in entrepreneurship, encouraged budding female entrepreneurs to stay ahead of their time by conducting research and identifying the needs of consumers. MD, for her part, provided detailed insight into her seven-point agenda, which is part of plans to ensure the bank achieves Tier-One status in Nigeria by 2025.

Toast to Women In Leadership: Linda Ikeji Pays Courtesy Visit 2 Fidelity MD
Managing Director/CEO, Fidelity Bank Plc, Mrs. Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe (R) presenting a gift to Popular Nigerian Blogger and CEO Linda Ikeji TV, Ms. Linda Ikeji when the serial entrepreneur paid a courtesy visit on the bank….recently

Speaking about our bank’s efforts to positively influence women in business, MD stated that the bank’s long-standing support for the growth of women-owned businesses in Nigeria stems from its recognition of women’s ability to effectively control the hem of affairs in business.

She applauded Linda Ikeji’s efforts to empower young women, alluding to her 2017 initiative, which saw her tour secondary schools across the country teaching young girls about entrepreneurship. According to MD, the Bank is open to collaborating with LIB TV for the betterment of female entrepreneurs.

Toast to Women In Leadership: Linda Ikeji Pays Courtesy Visit 2 Fidelity MD
Managing Director/CEO, Fidelity Bank Plc, Mrs. Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe (R) outlining her 7-Point Transformation Agenda to Nigerian Blogger and CEO Linda Ikeji TV, Ms. Linda Ikeji when she paid a courtesy visit on the bank….recently

Whilst reiterating the bank’s passion for women empowerment, MD stated that the bank had put in place necessary measures to improve gender equality and assist women in the Bank’s workforce thrive effortlessly on the job.

Reaffirming the Bank’s commitment towards creating a conducive workspace for all women, MD stated that the Bank has built a crèche for Fidelity women to enable them to take care of their children.

Toast to Women In Leadership: Linda Ikeji Pays Courtesy Visit 2 Fidelity MD
Managing Director/CEO, Fidelity Bank Plc, Mrs. Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe (R) points the way forward as she outlines her 7-Point Transformation Agenda to Nigerian Blogger and CEO Linda Ikeji TV, Ms. Linda Ikeji when the serial entrepreneur paid a courtesy visit on the bank….recently

“Fidelity Bank is very concerned about the convenience of women in the workforce and I encourage that every work environment with mothers should have a crèche. We have just built a child-friendly environment and it would be unveiled very soon”, she said.

On a final note, Mrs. Onyeali-Ikpe noted that female business owners and professionals must make it a point of duty to be consistent and tenacious to succeed in business. The meeting ended with the presentation of gifts and a photo session.

Onyeali-Ikpe’s Seven Point Agenda: Building A Future-Ready Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank Celebrates Children’s Day

John C. Maxwell, an American author, and speaker is a widely-acknowledged thought leader. Maxwell asserts in one of his most famous quotes, which encapsulates the true essence of leadership, “The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails”.

Fidelity Bank CEO, Mrs. Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe is leading the financial institution through a significant evolution of business culture with the primary objective of improving operational efficiency and expanding market share. Mrs. Onyeali-Ikpe is adjusting “the sails” to ensure that her colleagues at Fidelity Bank have the wind at their backs as they work toward common goals and individual successes.

Currently, Nneka has her sights fixed on positioning the bank as one of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions, which leverages automation and robotics to replace manual and repetitive processes. The global lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic was a messenger unlike any other, signaling that Nigeria’s traditional and over-the-counter banking systems are no longer viable.

Since assuming office on January 1, 2021, the bank’s first female CEO and MD, has outlined a seven-point agenda to move the bank further in its quest to become a tier-1 bank that is well-positioned to outlive the competition and serve well into the future.

Overview and timeline  

Fidelity Bank’s seven-point agenda focuses on brand architecture, brand building and refresh, talent development and transformation, product and service delivery, agility and performance discipline, digital transformation, and regulatory compliance.

In accordance with this, here are the bank’s strategies for ensuring that it attains its objectives:

1. The bank intends to embark on an Innovation Drive through the implementation of new processes, techniques.  The bank is also executing fresh ideas to ensure continuous process improvement, reduce the cost to serve, increase competitiveness, improve brand recognition and value, build new partnerships and relationships, drive turnover, and increase profitability.

2. Brand refresh with the aim to increase top-of-mind awareness of the Fidelity brand by external and internal stakeholders.

3. Workforce Transformation to create a future readily supported by a high-performing and empowered workforce. This will be achieved by deepening the skills and competencies of staff across the bank, entrenching a culture of high performance, and embedding new ways of working in the bank. So far, the commencement of capacity building training for staff and senior management training are some of the initiatives implemented.

4. Service Excellence which is intended to build brand loyalty through personalized and seamless customer experience delivery. This is already underway with the award-winning virtual assistant IVY. This revolutionary chatbot handles simple tasks like account opening to complex tasks such as complaint resolution, bill payment, transferring users to a live agent, loans, fixed deposit applications, and answering random questions.

5. Digital Transformation involves end-to-end digitization across all facets of the business. In line with this, the bank has launched a novel digital service —Pay Yourself —which revolutionized payday for salary earners and SMEs.

6. Performance Discipline to ensure focus on strong fundamentals, asset quality, and strategic cost management. Initiatives already carried out in this regard include;

– The Policy Familiarization Program —a capacity-building project geared towards building a knowledgeable and versatile staff network/raising subject matter experts in all business areas that kicked off in March.

– The One Culture Project-  which was initiated to reinforce enabling behaviours and value systems towards fulfilling the bank’s goals

– Project Alpha- aimed at helping the bank develop a robust and holistic learning and development framework for all staff.

7. Accelerated Growth which will drive aggressive market penetration and business diversification. This will be achieved through deeper penetration in key retail markets.

Other initiatives geared towards deepening growth include; accelerated play in the SME segment, renewal of institutional banking, and drive for transaction-based propositions in corporate banking.

With this seven-pronged agenda, Fidelity Bank is well on its way to leading the sector while revolutionizing Nigeria’s financial landscape.

Dana Air MD, Ranesh in trouble for alleged fraud

Dana Air MD, Ranesh in trouble for alleged fraud

The Managing Director (MD), of Dana Air, Hathiramani Jacky Ranesh, will be arraign on October 13, 2021 in a Federal High Court, Abuja on allegations bordering on fraud.

Justice Obiora Egwuatu fixed the date after counsel to the defendant, Ade Adedeji, SAN, told the court that the absence of his client in court was to the knowledge of the prosecution.

NAN reports that the arraignment of Dana Air MD, Ramesh and two others, in suit number CR/101/21, was in the cause list for Wednesday’s proceeding.

The MD of Dana Air is the first defendant in the suit.

Although other defendants in the matter were in the court, Ramesh was absent.

How ever, when the matter was called, counsel to the 1st defendant, Adedeji, said he was in court to represent Ramesh after they were served with the notice of arraignment.

The lawyer said his client was not in the country.

Dana Air MD, Ranesh in trouble for alleged fraud
He said counsel to the prosecution also knew that Ramesh would not be able to take his plea as a high court in Lagos State where the defendant was also facing a trial in another matter h

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