FIFA has allocated $1 million to its FIFA Foundation to provide humanitarian aid to people affected by the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, soccer’s world governing body said on Friday.

The combined death toll in Turkey and Syria has climbed over 43,000, and millions are in need of humanitarian aid after being left homeless and without basic amenities.

FIFA said it had consulted with the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) and the Syrian Football Association (SFA), as well as “international and local non-governmental organisations”.

“The aid will be used to purchase and distribute essential humanitarian items, as well as to provide emergency and temporary shelter and protection,” FIFA said in a statement.

“FIFA will continue to collaborate with the TFF and SFA, while monitoring the situation and deciding on further action.”

The Premier League said last week that it will be donating one million pounds ($1.19 million), while European soccer governing body UEFA and its UEFA Foundation for Children is donating an initial 200,000 euros ($212,560.00).

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