Strategic partners to the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL), GTI Asset Management and Trust Limited has assured investors and football stakeholders in the

country that they are committed to laying a strong foundation and transparent football ecosystem in the country using The Nigeria Football Fund (TNFF) as the vehicle in achieving this laudable dream.

TNFF Head of Media and Publicity, Andrew Ekejiuba, stated this in Lagos on Tuesday.

He revealed that GTI is committing lots of material and financial resources toward ensuring that NPFL enjoys robust financial support in order to become self-sustaining with necessary measures to ensure transparency in all its dealings with investors,

sponsors and other partners.

“The NPFL is currently enjoying a lot of publicity from the media that has been at the forefront of the enlightenment campaign.

“We are also aware that expectations are very high, that is why we hit the ground running using the current abridge league as a test case and ensuring that we put in all the necessary security measures to uphold transparency.

“For example, indemnities of match officials and other critical stakeholders connected to the league are being

administered seamlessly, using international best practices as our guide.

“As a company, we are strongly committed to a very transparent football ecosystem which is the best way to restore confidence in our sponsors and investors.

“No wonder that is why many investors are keying into the TNFF project and stakeholders of football in Nigeria are also embracing GTI strategy of taking our beautiful game to the next level,” Ekejiuba said.

“NPFL is an asset that belongs to Nigerians and the effort of GTI at this stage is to encourage more Nigerians to become unit holders as early as possible before foreign

investors will mop up the remaining units of the N5.0 billion that is expected to be raised through the funds. However, just as we assured the media on February 20, 2023, during the parley in our corporate headquarters in Lagos, we will always have our annual reports made available at the end of every year to our stakeholders.

“The TNFF investors are poised to enjoy their Returns on Investments without any administrative

bottleneck,” he assured.

Ekejiuba also reaffirmed that sponsors cum investors are embracing the TNFF and the share value of each unit of the fund is appreciating gradually.

“I want to further reveal that we are in serious discussions with some notable sponsors who want to throw-in their weight behind the league because of the recent positive developments recorded so far.

“In this regard, it is essential that due process is followed

and GTI has assured them of its determination to reposition NPFL with great honesty, transparency and accountability which is the watchword of our company as a renowned financial institution.

“GTI will inform the media of our breakthrough at the appropriate time. We want to put an end to the exodus of our talented footballers abroad to some very obscure football-playing nations of the world by laying a solid foundation back home for NPFL to thrive through private sector funding; thereby complementing the efforts of government in this regard,” Ekejiuba concluded.

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