Nigeria’s President-elect, Tinubu and Morocco’s King Muhammed VI

Morocco’s English news outlet, Morocco World News has reported that the kingdom’s monarch, King Mohammed VI has congratulated Nigeria’s president-elect, Bola Tinubu on his election.

The paper reported that Tinubu, during his election campaign had previously shown his respect for Morocco as a role model in Africa.

In a message, King Mohammed VI expressed his warmest congratulations, wishing Nigeria’s new president success.

The King also expressed confidence that Tinubu will serve his country’s people’s aspirations for further progress and prosperity. The monarch reiterated “pride over the constructive cooperation and active solidarity that exist between the two countries.”

Nigeria and Morocco share good diplomatic ties. The two countries are also renewing their commitment to continue to boost cooperation –particularly through the Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline.

The two countries announced their determination to carry out the pipeline in 2016.

The pipeline project will span over 13 countries along the Atlantic coast to benefit over 400 million inhabitants across Morocco.

“I want this to be a strategic project that benefits all of West Africa – a region which is home to more than 440 million people,” King Mohammed VI said in a speech on the Green March anniversary on November 6, 2022.

The new president of Nigeria seems interested in building on cooperation between the two countries. During his election campaign, Tinubu cited Morocco as a role model.

“We can revive our economy….We can build a nation like Morocco. We can, and with the grace of God we will,” he said.

Tinubu won Nigeria’s presidential election with 37% votes. His rival Atiku Abubakar won 29% of the votes, followed by Peter Obi (25%).

Considered one of Nigeria’s “richest” politicians, the 71-year-old president has already served several positions ahead of his recent election. 

Tinubu was the governor of Lagos between 1999 and 2007. He was also elected into the Nigerian senate in 1992. However, when the military seized power in 1993, Tinubu fled the country.

Tinubu replaced former President Muhammadu Buhari, who stepped down after two terms in office. 

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