Both teams have things in common apart from having ‘land’ in their names. Each one only has a cup triumph. England won the World Cup on home soil in 1966 and stumbled every other time, even when ranked as favourites.

The Netherlands too have only one cup triumph to their glory – the 1988 Euro triumph. Both cup-underachievers are now trying to get to the title match of Euro 2024.

For England, it is an attempt to reach their second straight Euros final while the Dutch will rely on their attacking style to win the semifinal and get to the final for the first time since 1988.

England reached the semi-finals, but have not been too impressive.

They will require transformation in their attack if they are to get to the Euro final match again.

None of their victories has been impressive. Rather they are mere escape from defeat and had to depend on lottery of penalty shootout to overcome Switzerland in the quarter-finals. The men of Gareth Southgate  will have to do more if they are to meet Spain in the final.  

As for Netherlands, they have been the comeback masters, scrambling from behind in three of their four scoring matches. Their three victories so far have come within regulation time unlike England who won just a match in regulation time.

Their duel tonight in Dortmund will decide who will meet Spain in the final.

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