Nigerians Criticize EFCC Chair, Bawa, For Subjecting Staff To Scorching Sun


The newly confirmed Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mr Abdulrasheed Bawa, has come under severe public criticism for addressing workers of the commission in the scorching sun in Abuja while there were halls available for such a meeting.

Bawa, 40, on Monday, addressed the EFCC workers at the agency’s headquarters in Abuja, with an appeal to them to be dedicated to their duties.

While he gave out his phone number to workers to enable them to reach him directly, Nigerians believed that making workers to stand in the scorching sun for the duration of the meeting was not equal to discipline but naivety.

On Twitter, Ifade Olusegun, said, “So that big building doesn’t have (a) hall… ridiculous!”

Also, Michael Alao said, “Why are you always behaving like amateurs? From the state-of-the-art headquarters you have there, are you saying there is no hall for all this? You can’t be doing things the same way and expect different result…common (sic)!!!”

Another Nigerian, Hammed Kolawole, said, “So as big as that EFCC building is, there’s no conference hall that can contain you all? This is 2021, Mr. Bawa.”

“If you want to walk the talk on “application of digital technology and intelligence” during your tenure, you wouldn’t call for this kind of assembly. Zoom, Google Meet, Conference hall; all these options are available.”

Ayodele said, “That building Magu said he built with billions of naira doesn’t have a conference room to hold a meeting, they had to be held under the sun. This doesn’t even look like the HQ sef more like their Wuse office.”

Also, Mr Munir Maiharka noted, “Aren’t they supposed to have like a general staff meeting hall? I don’t understand why they’re standing outside like some village school Monday assembly.”

“What kind of insult is this one?” Another Nigerian asked. “Is @officialEFCC saying they don’t have a conference room that the chairman can address his staff, why have them stand in the sun like primary school pupils, Nigeria na wa.”

“The Initial ‘garagara’ (overzealousness) don start! Take a que from your ex-boss. You are just a number & the equation to the formal x-y will be determined by the political cabal who installed you,” another commentator said.

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