The story of the extraordinary courage of Naomi Adamu held for up to three years by the Islamist extremists, Boko Haram in north-eastern Nigeria has never been told.

But now a book, due to be published early next month, will reveal the reality of life for the more than 200 women from the school in Chibok, who were kept as hostages in one of the most infamous mass abductions of recent decades.

Naomi Adamu, Ireportnews

Naomi Adamu, Ireportnews

Among the students was Naomi Adamu. Her defiance began when the extremists told the students to swap their school uniforms for a black, flowing, all-covering garment. The 24-year-old kept her chequered blue dress, and then, risking a beating or worse, she began a diary. The notebooks she eventually brought with her out of the forest provided much of the raw material for the book.

Naomi Adamu wrote on the days when it was safe, after compulsory lessons on the Qur’an and foraging for meagre rations from the forest. The small act of rebellion gave her strength.

When her Boko Haram minders told her she would be killed if she did not convert, marry a fighter and bear his children, she refused and was beaten with the butt of a rifle.


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