Anthony Joshua is fighting not only for his ring future on Saturday night but also for the oft-delayed mega fight with Tyson Fury.

By a supreme irony the world title heavyweight Battle of Britain craved by the boxing public has become possible because of the crushing collapse of Fury’s April 29 fight with Olexsandr Usyk to find the first undisputed world heavyweight champion for almost 20 years.

Joshua was already under pressure to avoid a disastrous loss to American slugger Jermaine Franklin at the 02 this weekend

Now he has been told by his promoter Eddie Hearn that the Fury fight is not only back on the table if he wins but that the deal is already done in principal.

Hearn says: ‘I truly believe that as long as AJ beats Franklin we will see him against Fury in the summer.

‘Both sides had a deal finalised for a December fight. That fight fell through but the contract is still with both sides.

‘Disputes over purse splits wrecked Fury-Usyk but we have an agreement in place of 60-40 in Tyson’s favour. He was going to get 70-30 against Usyk but everyone accepts that AJ is a bigger draw for the UK fans than Olexsandr.

‘I have had talks this week with George Warren (Fury promoter Frank Warren’s son and consigliere) and fundamentally the original contract is still in place.

‘And we all know that the timing is perfect now, as it happens because of the circumstances with Usyk. And that this is the very last chance for this huge fight to happen

‘I expect to be exchanging pilot contracts with Queensberry soon. Maybe as early as next week. AJ knows there’ s a big opportunity. At last. So much at stake now. But he also has his total focus on Franklin.

‘Who, by the way, is in absolutely ripped condition. Much better than for his fight with Dyllian Whyte.

‘Now I’m even more nervous about Saturday night.’

Fury vowed he would never again entertain a Joshua fight after the December cancellation. But with Usyk’s withdrawal the Gypsy King has the chance to resurrect one of the biggest Domestic fights of all time.

And, of course, at Wembley Stadium. With a huge pay day replacement

So, yet again, the circus is back in town. Hopefully this time with both Barnum and Bailey in unison in putting both sides under the big top. In a July/August spectacular.’

-Daily Mail

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