The FIFA World Cup remains the most glamorous single sporting event in Planet Earth. It is a dream for many countries to be the hosts.

However, on this day 41 years ago, Colombia  dramatically rejected FIFA’s award to the country to host the 1986 edition.

FIFA had two years earlier awarded the prestigious tournament to Colombia. But on 23 October 1982,  President Belisario Betancur Cuartas  dashed his people’s hopes and refused to stage the tournament.

“We’re already world champions – Nobel world champions,” the Colombian head of state said haughtily, in reference to the literary accolade awarded to Gabriel García Márquez.

It is still the only time that a country rejected the award of a FIFA World Cup. The 1986 tournament was later awarded to Mexico, making the country the first to host the World Cup twice – 1970 and 1986. In 2026, it will be the third time the World Cup will be staged in Mexico which is co-hosting with US and Canada.

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