The end of a matter is always sweet when the truth is revealed. I have always said that darkness cannot overcome the light, Maureen Badejo entered into a battle with the battle axe of God and was hoping to win because she was fed information by ignorant people and rogue pastors who thought they could use her to tannish MFM pastors and the ministry as a whole, but now she is reaping the dividends of all hers GIO TV YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK MAD DOG DAYS.

The storms that she whipped up for herself carelessly, through her broadcasts on GIO TV are set to become worse with the anticipated judgment of an Austria Court.

Maureen Badejo had characteristically made, broadcast, and published highly defamatory statements about Pastor and Mrs. Omowanile, an MFM Pastor in Austria.

She chose to ignore a cease-and-desist letter served on her by Lawyers to the Omowanile’s on 11th September 2020 and continued with the defamation of the couple which prompted them to issue and serve her with lawsuit papers in December 2020 which she, again, characteristically ignored.

In their bid to obtain legal vindication and bring closure to several months of harrowing emotional distress occasioned them by Maureen’s malicious falsehoods, the Omowanile’s have filed for judgment in the Austrian Court.

Expectedly, when the hammer falls, Maureen will take up and play her usual antics of denying service of the court processes but if she walks that path again, she would be reminded that she had in one of her broadcasts attempting to deny service of processes in the Nigeria Case, expressly admitted knowledge of the existence of cases in the UK, USA, and Austria against her.

Let the travails of Maureen Badejo serve as a lesson to every blogger and attention seeker that Social Media grandstanding is a far cry from legal realities and that sooner than later the chickens will definitely come home to roost.
I will keep you posted with developments on this unfolding debacle.

Femi Oyewale

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