With the next edition fast approaching, the brain behind the Sportsville Special Recognition Awards, Frank Ilaboya  has thrown light to the reasons behind the event.


We received two pleasant surprise messages yesterday from two most respected individuals in sports journalism and sports marketing.


“Before I share their messages, I want to say that members of the Organising Committee and I are deeply humbled by these messages which touched on the credibility of Sportsville Special Recognition Awards.


“Mr Jenkins Alumona and Taye Ige, MD/CEO of Flykite Productions and President/CEO of HotSports Group respectfully, spoke about the credibility of the annual awards on Friday February 23rd.


Alumona, a nominee in the Creative & Innovation Category


in this year’s awards started the credibility story immediately after reading the Daily Countdown.


He said: “The need for inducements is primarily why I have refused many awards in the past. I am so happy that this award is one devoid of pressures of any type and it is completely the result of the efforts of I and my team to participate in the progress of Nigerian football using the vehicle of the Naija Super 8. Sportsville’s insistence on walking the awards tuff differently is certainly appreciated.”


We were still savouring the euphoria of that message before another came from Mr Taye Ige, commending the organisers for their credibility.


“I want to specially commend the brains behind the Sportsville Awards for the credibility of the programme.

“This is not the kind of awards where the organisers will be soliciting for some kind of patronage or any type of hidden payments.


“I was privileged to be a recipient of one of the awards a few years ago and I must confess that I was wowed with the high level of honesty, transparency and professionalism of the organisers.


“I have also followed the plans and announcements for this year’s edition and am looking forward to being a part of it,” he added.


Only yesterday, a recipient in the 2022 edition, Olumide Oyedeji, said as much that his award had no monetary attachment, it will remain the most credible sports award.


For me and my team, nothing to add than reiterate our vision to build an enduring credible award devoid of monetary attachment.

Join us on Friday, March 1st, 2024 at the Blessing Hall of the EKO CLUB to celebrate the best of the best.

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