“The Gallop of Stars, the Lights on the Track” is the theme as the best riders and horses in Morocco for the year just gone by were honored last Saturday in the green city of Rabat.

It was the 17th edition of the  “Trophée Maroc Equestre” which is  a unique ceremony on the continent.


This special edition was marked by a special tribute to the “Men of the Shadows” of the equestrian field, for their dedication and commitment to the horse.

Several renowned riders and personalities from the world of sports and culture were also honored for their role in promoting the richness and diversity of Moroccan equestrian sports.

This spectacular celebration of the Moroccan equestrian world was not only a showcase of equestrian prowess, but also a vibrant tribute to the unsung heroes of the discipline and celebrated the performances of 47 champions of the year, divided into 10 categories.

Moroccan equestrian art being an important part of the country’s culture, especially with the famous Tbourida, this ceremony was an opportunity to confirm that all the factors are in place to say that equestrianism and equestrian sports in Morocco are passionately pursued.

The means are thus put in place for Morocco to continue to be present in the sphere of high-level equestrian sports under the impulse of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, who encourages its practice and development.

This impulse is translated on the ground by the work of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Equestrian Sports and its president Charif Moulay Abdallah Alaoui, who has placed at the disposal of Moroccan riders all the necessary means to make Moroccan equestrian sports shine in the world.

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