Morocco’s huge investment in sports continue to yoeld dividends as the Atlas Lions are now ranked as the best in Africa.

In the FIFA ranking released on Thursday, Morocco maintained their 11th position in the world, but are the best in Africa.

The country with arguably the best sporting facilities in Africa is bidding the host the continent’s premier sports competition, the Africa Cup of Nations in 2025.  

In global ranking, Morocco with 1677.79 points,  come ahead of Switzerland, the US, Germany, Mexico, and Uruguay.

The Atlas Lions also maintain their continental position as the best rankedAfrican football team.

Senegal is the second-best football team on the continent, followed by Tunisia and Algeria.

The Atlas Lions’ ranking continues to recognize Morocco’s brilliant and uplifting performances during the 2022 World Cup, where the Atlas Lions stole the show by becoming the first African and Arab team to reach the tournament’s semi-finals.

FIFA is among the international organizations that continue to reminisce about the Atlas Lions’ historic performances in Qatar.

The Moroccan team defeated Brazil 2-1 last month, becoming the first Arab team and only the second African team to ever do so. They also maintained a goalless draw in the game against Peru.

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