King Mohammed VI of Morocco has directed an emergency humanitarian aid to Palestine,. The announcement was made on Monday by Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The aide include significant quantities of foodstuffs, medical supplies, and water. “The details of sending this emergency aid will be coordinated with the Egyptian and Palestinian authorities,” the ministry said, stressing Morocco’s commitment to continue supporting the Palestinian cause.

The modalities of sending this emergency aid will be determined in coordination with the Egyptian and Palestinian authorities.


This Royal High Decision is part of the constant commitment of HM King Mohammed VI, to the Palestinian cause.

According to Morocco World News, the Kingdom has been following the situation in Gaza with concern and the country has strongly condemned the relentless Israeli bombardment targeting civilians across Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

The Moroccan government reiterated its concerns over the situation during the Cairo summit, which convened Arab leaders and some of their European counterparts on Saturday to discuss the increasingly alarming situation in Gaza.

Morocco’s Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita attended the summit, describing the situation in Gaza as “tragic and dangerous.”

He also reiterated Morocco’s readiness to coordinate with and assist all members and stakeholders of the international community to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Bourita further stressed the need to protect civilians in accordance with international human rights law and to allow humanitarian aid to reach the affected population.


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