Morocco, as the first nation to secure a spot in the semi-finals of the  CAF U23 Africa Cup of Nations, is determined to secure their third victory in the group stage against Congo.

Under the composed leadership of Issame Charaï, the team is preparing to face an already eliminated Congo this Friday.

On the auspicious day of Eid al-Adha on Wednesday, the Moroccan players were granted the opportunity to spend time with their families at the Mohamed VI Sports Center, their base for the tournament where the national team stays.

This brief respite has provided a refreshing break for the team. Mehdi Boukamir, accompanying his coach in the pre-match press conference, expressed, “It warms our hearts to be with our loved ones.

“They have offered congratulations and encouragement, urging us to persevere. It boosts our morale for the remainder of the competition.”

However, this momentary pause lasted only an hour. Now, the focus shifts towards preparing for the match against Congo. Despite their team’s qualification, Issame Charaï does not underestimate the upcoming encounter and ensures the involvement of all his players.

He emphasized, “To me, there is no ‘A team’ or ‘B team.’ We have a strong collective unit, and we can rely on each and every player. All the players must be prepared to start the match. There is no distinction between them. Those who take the field against Congo have the desire to secure victory. We aim to maintain this conquering spirit.”

At the time of writing this article, Mali, Niger, and Egypt are the nations contending to face the host country. The Moroccan staff has implemented a special system to closely monitor their potential opponents.

Charaï elaborated, “I was in Tanger where I witnessed the match between Egypt and Mali. We will meticulously analyze these three teams as we need to be fully prepared to face any opponent that crosses our path.”

When asked about the most formidable opponent for Morocco, the coach dismissed any notions of fear, stating firmly, “We fear no one. We believe in our abilities. We will show respect to every team. The word ‘fear’ does not exist in my vocabulary.”

The Moroccan team will confront Congo in the final hurdle before the semi-finals on Friday, at 9 PM local time in Rabat.










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