The emergence of GTI Asset Management & Trust Limited into Nigeria football ecosystem using The Nigeria Football Fund (TNFF) investment vehicle has turned to be the real game changer that is currently propelling the development of the elite league and Nigeria’s Football Economy.

In simple terms,TNFF has helped to restructure and reposition Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) for greatness following the chains of successes so far achieved in the execution of the 2022/2023 abridged league.

TNFF is a high quality investment–grade instrument involving equities of quoted companies, money market or fixed income instruments, and strategic investment in football/sport sector via securitized lending investments in identified short to medium term “football projects.” While a Football Economy consists of football and other sporting activities measurable in statistical terms as a significant component of the nation’s Gross Domestic Products. It may also include other sports like Basketball, Boxing, Tennis, Athletics, Golf and Polo.

As noted in previous posts on the subject matter, TNFF is an open-ended Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-registered unit trust (“Fund”) that allows ease of entry and exit by investors. The Fund in a nutshell seeks to build a “Football Economy” within the Nigeria Sports ecosystem.

TNFF isalso packaged to provide sustainable solutions to the challenges hindering the growth and advancement of football in Nigeria by focusing on the development of the Nigeria Premier Football League Clubs.

To invest in TNFF, investors are advised to simply visit GTI Asset Management & Trust Limited office or its website ( to complete the Application Form and submit with evidence of payment, which could be bank lodgments, crossed cheque or transfers (cash payments is not allowed). To complete the investment process, the investor will also be contacted by TNFF Fund’s Manager to acknowledge receipt of the investment.

The minimum initial investment is 100,000 units while additional investments shall be in multiples of 100,000 units. The current price is N1.082 per unit. The bid and offer price of the fund would be available on the website of GTI.

TNFF is further protected by the Trustee (Radix Trustees Limited), who supervises the activities of the Fund Manager in compliance with the Trust Deed. An independent Custodian (UBA Custodian) also holds and safeguards the assets of the Fund. All these structures are meant to protect investors, create transparency and accountability in the management of the Fund.

On the procedure for selling or redeeming TNFF investment, Unit-holders can sell their units in the Fund after the initial 6-month minimum holding period and they will be required to redeem units online or complete a Redemption Form and return the proof of investment to the Fund Manager. Once these documents have been verified, the redemption request will be processed within five (5) business days. The minimum permissible holding after partial redemption is N100,000 or such balance as advised by the Manager from time to time.

As a game changer, a steady flow of income as yearly payment of dividends would be made to unit holders, from the second year to affirm to investors the uniqueness of TNFF.



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