As part of the global events marking the international Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) netball players in Yenogoa, Bayelsa State in South South Nigeria held a three team netball open challenge event at the premises of Samason Siasia Stadium.

The event involved students from two secondary schools -Redeemers International School and Tare Pet Montessori School – as well as the Sports Council All Stars Netball Team.

The guess of honour at the event was the Bayelsa State Director of Sports, Sir Braveman Wodi.

The  three netball teams were kitted by Lord’s Taverners a UK based sports kits recycling NGO.

The ambiance at the venue was balanced with peace, sport and secular themed music. Since “PROJECT 2027” netball training event started in Nigeria in July 2022, this is the first time students with netball trained teachers/coaches are having an inter-school event. Netball was re-introduced to Bayelsa State by CSED (Community Sport and Educational Development) Initiative in January 2023.

Since the January 2023 “PROJECT 2023” training event, the students and P.E. teachers in Bayelsa State have been yawning for an opportunity like this event to display their skills. At the end of the matches, Tare Pet Montessori School emerged the winner of the event which was coordinated by Catherine Sasuode and powered by CSED Initiative.

During a post-event discussion with Catherine Sasuode, a Trustee of CSED Initiative stated that they will do all they can to use netball to empower the girl child in Bayelsa State.

This they hope to do by providing the teachers/netball coaches with access to safeguarding training, as well as access to other free online sports for change courses that will broaden their knowledge and help them to nurture well rounded students and athletes.

CSED Initiative hope to hold a netball competition for students in Bayelsa State at the end of the current school year in July.

As well as hold a one week netball summer school camp for selected students in Bayelsa State during the summer holiday in August 2023.

CSED hope to build on their cordial relationship with the good people of Bayelsa state, by exploring the possibility of bringing badminton (“Shuttle Time”) training to Bayelsa State before the end of the third term of the ongoing school year.

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