At about 8pm this Wednesday evening, Nigeria’s Tobi Amusan will be aiming to clinch one of the two slots of Heat 2 to get to the final of the women’s 1100m hurdles.

She came first in the Heat 5 of the race on Tuesday to earn a place in the semi-finals. Although her time of  12.48 seconds earned her the first position in her race, it is the third fastest in the field of 24 that will be taking part in the semi-finals.

The fastest time was returned by  America’s Kendra Harrison in Heat 3. She returned at 12.24 seconds.

Harrison was followed by Bahama’s Devynne Charlton who returned after 12.44 seconds.

Running with her tonight will be Celeste Mucci of Australia who returned after 12.90 and placed fourth in Heat 4. There is also Hungary’s Luca Kozak whose 12.71seconds returned that placed her fourth in Heat 2 was her season’s best.

Second finisher at time of 12.60 seconds in Heat 1, America’s Masai Russel is also on the tracks.

Others are Ackera Nugent of Jamaica, Nadine Visser of Netherlands, Cyrene Samba-Mayela of France and Reetta Hurske of Finland.

Two runners from the race will qualify for the final. They will be joined by similar finishers in Heats 1 and 3 as well as two fastest among the losers in the three Heats.


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